An Introspective Before I Begin

What would I blog about?

Or is the real question, why should I blog at all?

The primary reason seems to me that I have an innate desire to explain myself to my family, my friends, the world, but most importantly myself.

There seems to be a constant stream of thoughts and musing that traverses my consciousness that rarely gets full exposure. This is a result of keeping these thoughts and musings to myself rather then sharing them with others. The lack of full exposure seems to result in a failure to fully expand on these thoughts and musings to validate the truth or reality of the subject at hand.

And the subject at hand varies wildly from moment to moment.

I explore reality, truth, relationships, life, experiences, politics and religion among many other musings within my mind.

If I can place some of these within the context of the written word can I allow the thoughts and musings to congeal into a better understanding of myself and the world around me?

It’s worth a try.

Some areas I would like to explore include:

  • As I Recall – a process I started years ago to write down the stories I have told my children and grandchildren through the years. Inevitably I realize that some of these stories may easily border between fact and fiction simply because of my own perspective within the tale. In an attempt to avoid confrontation or hurt feelings I try to emphasize that these stories represent the subject at hand as I recall rather then necessarily the truth of what actually happened.
  • My Beliefs – my own introspective of how my view of reality has influenced me throughout my life. This area would include not only my perspective on religion, but also my views concerning social structures and mores, as well as politics.
  • Musings – an area of random collections of thoughts and perspectives on family, work and current events.

With this set as my blogging goal I think I am ready to start. Time will tell of my ultimate success in this endeavor.

I do hope I can satisfy myself and my readers as I explore this medium.